julie gohn photographer third floor orchard pittsburgh photographyHi! My name is Julie Gohn.

Although I am an Illinois native, I love living in Pittsburgh. It is full of creativity and beauty – whether that is the beauty of a bright yellow bridge or the creative spark of a new start-up company in the East End – this place is wonderful. I love discovering and learning new things about Pittsburgh and the lovely people who live here. I am blessed to have the opportunity to discover these things through the lens of a camera.

I adore the art of photography. I always have! God created a gorgeous world, and it is a joy to capture that through images. I can remember at a young age asking my grandpa to let me use his clunky old camera. There was something about holding it and freezing a memory that thrilled me. Even in 4th grade, I invented a business for a class project that was called “Picture This!” where I used a Polaroid camera to photograph my classmates, and gave them the photo in a home-made popsicle stick frame. You might not find that interesting, but it was one of my proudest achievements as a ten-year-old. Creativity has always been my outlet and my expression.

I love to capture beautiful moments from behind the lens. It brings me joy to give my clients visual reminders of their special occasion – whether it be a wedding, a first born baby, a charming love story, a close-knit family or friendship, or a graduating senior ready to embark on an adventure. I love my job.

When I’m not behind the camera, I am spending time with my wonderful husband, Austin (pictured below – Photo Credit, Kate Miller). Or, I’m probably doing something like sipping coffee, reading, sewing, watching movies, or writing to-do lists. I could swap lives with a grandmother pretty easily. I also enjoy cooking and eating. I am a big fan of the domestic life. Austin and I are also very involved at our church where he serves as one of the ministers. We love to explore Pittsburgh and all of the unique neighborhood parks, shops, and restaurants. Again, this place is full of beauty.

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me!

Story Behind the Name:

Every artist has a studio. Whether it be a loft office space overlooking the city, a wooden shed on the corner edge of a 25-acre farm, or a tiny nook in the only free region of a cluttered household — that studio is where the soul’s creativity comes to life. One of my favorite studios that I have ever had has been the Third Floor of a large Victorian house — better known as an attic. This attic is actually my home. My husband, Austin, and I fell in love with this cozy, little, third floor apartment on a street called Orchard Avenue. Because it is truly just a glorified attic, it is full of character and inspiration.

So there you have it, Third Floor Orchard is not only the name of my business, but it is my studio — where my creativity is developed. I also love the imagery of an orchard. It is an intentional garden or grove where the crop is planted, nurtured and harvested. That is what I hope my Third Floor Orchard to be.


Third Floor Orchard is a photography business based in Pittsburgh, PA.